Investment opportunities

We can work on your investment project through different ways:

– The acquisition of a house or a condo that is currently rented, as in the examples shown below. This is a no-surprise investment. You will get the rental income from the first month. No hassle with short sales, remodeling or finding the right tenant: we’ve been through everything for you!

– Buying directly on the market. Through the MLS, I have access to all the listings and I can share that access with you.

If you are a seasoned investor, we can head toward short sales or bank-owned properties. You will need to act fast and be ready for some remodeling.

A personalized search can be designed especially for you, following your criteria. You will get your own website and will receive the offers at the pace you desire, immediately, every day, every week.

To start your search immediately on the MLS, you can use:

Contact me and you will become the best expert of your own search. I will be able to complete your analysis with relevant information about the rental potential, return, risk, remodeling costs…